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Dr Trevor Simper

Dr Trevor Simper practices counselling and psychotherapy with a wide variety of clients including those dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, alcohol and other drugs, disordered eating and weight management.

He also trains counsellors, therapists, doctors, nurses and people working in the wellbeing sector and runs physical/mental wellbeing workshops for corporate business and lectures psychology and motivational interviewing at several Universities.

Trevor's doctorate focused on counselling and motivational interviewing for  helping people manage their physical and mental health and he has published over 40 peer reviewed scientific papers relating to behaviour change, health, nutrition and psychology. Dr Simper has run workshops for large pharmaceutical companies, elite athletes, local government, and national health service departments and taught and run research projects around psychology, nutrition exercise and health for over 20 years. He is the author of Small Changes Key behaviour change skills for weight management professionals. He worked for a number of years in public health and exercise science and as public health nutritionist before focussing full time on psychology and now works as a psychotherapist in Perth Western Australia.


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Simper, T., Agley, J., DeSalle, M., Todd, J., & Dutta, T. (2020). Pilot study of the influence of self-coding on empathy within an introductory motivational interviewing training. BMC medical education, 20(1), 1-8.

Simper, T., Breckon, J., & Kilner, K. (2016). Group motivational interviewing in the'Small Changes' weight management project: a quasi-experimental trial. The Journal of Behavioral Health, 5(2), 60-67.

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